We are being censored.  

     We are being censored.  There is a war on TRUTH. Two of our podcast (video) episodes have been flagged and one (episode 7) has been removed from Youtube. If you've ever listened to our podcasts you already know that we NEVER talk one sided politics we ONLY report verifiable news sources, and we ALWAYS talk scripture.  We do not have an incredibly huge amount of listeners and yet the war on truth is impacting even the smallest of us Truth Seekers. We have taken a few weeks off from reporting on <0V!d headline news while we make some platform changes.

We are working on making the transition of all videos to this platform and will most likely begin posting snips on all other major platforms.  One of our podcast episodes was even removed from one of the major podcast distributers.  We are unbothered.  We did not start TMN - Truth Media Network to be silenced by the rulers in high places. We desire to ESTEEM YAHUAH and shout a call to the remaining tribes before it is too late.  We are watchmen on the wall.