CMZ - Casting Media for Zion

Our Mission

CMZ- Casting Media for Zion is a Ministry that exists to bring relevant information and Study topics, through music, writing and video to the "lost sheep".

We share video studies, written studies and music to encourage the body of believers in Messiah YAHUSHA.   

You can view our video studies online. Check out our blog-posts to find our videos and the written transcripts of our videos.  This is an especially useful tool to use to get reference links from the studies. 

CMZ Blog Posts

We share written studies to help each other learn and grow along our "Faith Walk".  Some studies are written transcripts from our videos and other's are on their way to becoming video studies. Others are only written to share on this platform.    

The blog posts are a great way to facilitate discussion and to provide links for you to reference in your own studies.

Check out our blog-posts and share your thoughts in the comments.  Please keep your comments respectful and full of edification for "the body."