Kingdom Business (Spoken Word)

My feet are set upon this path.

I'm firmly walking on a mission.

Don't ask me to lie to you.

The TRUTH is worthy, 'I ain't missing.

I hear His voice, take His correction.

Grab my sword and get to stepping.

Walk His Way seek His direction.

I ain't fazed by your perception

took off my chains and I left em

picked up some armor, got a weapon

The hour is near, I see it clear,

Awaken sleeper,

BEHOLD, a Righteous generation.

N, they got both?

Do you know what I boast?

It is HIS WORD that's the MOST.

N they hold it close, I mean CLOSE,

They walk His Ways cause they know


In battle armor, WE READY, and on post.

Maria Christine - (Your Name Here)

re-made clean on "His team."

Unashamed, with His Word, so I go,

Appointed as a Watchman -

I am Shouting, "The time is near."

It's so close!

HE shall assemble them from every nation,

tribe and tongue, inside a multitude

He chooses for Himself those that are set apart.

He moves the mountains on their behalf

because they hold His Word in their heart.

Look Yashar' el fear not death,

for those that die make a spark.​

Hold onto His Word, keep HIS Instructions

seek Him, alone, in your heart.

He will do all that He Said

Perfectly preserving His Word

He left a road map; we can chart.​

Seek Him while it's still early

from your belief, it must start.

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