Welcome to CMZ- "Faith Gear" T-Shirts and More...

We buy the truth and sell it not!  All study material and video studies are provided completely free of charge. Also the music (with vocal - lyrics) that we make to share and encourage the "body of believers" in Messiah is free.  It is true that we provide this material for free but it is not free for us to make and distribute.  

One of the ways that we support this ministry is by creating and selling "Faith Gear".  We sell clothing and other faith based accessories. 100% of any purchase will go towards the Mission of CMZ - Casting Media for Zion.

OUR MISSION: CMZ- Casting Media for Zion is a Ministry that exists to bring relevant information and Study topics, through music, writing and video to the "lost sheep".

All of our T-Shirts are 100% cotton.  As we continue to learn more about what is pleasing to our father we have begun to study more about threads.  We will update our product list as we grow in our understanding.  For now we are offering 100% cotton t-shirts.  In the future, we would like to offer a larger selection of 100% threads. 

Check out our product list for more information.